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 Amy Jones

Absolutely brilliant!  Helped my three boys so much. My youngest got great SATS results, considering he would hardly write before his glasses. All three boys are making progress and I couldn't be prouder. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Zoe Bowler

I cannot speak highly enough about the care and support I've received. I'll go as far as to say life changing, I was looking for info for my son but found I too have Irlen. So both our lives have changed. I am still learning what it all means and every day brings new experiences.

 Kelly Milano 

We have been through the Irlen Journey and times have been really hard for my son. But then we found here and we really couldn't have done it without Juanetta. 
We have had lots of support that is ongoing, nothing is ever too much. No questions too silly. Highly recommended :)


Jackie Metropolis

Juanetta is a passionate and committed screener who's dedicated a large part of her life improving the lives of others. If you or a loved one are having difficulty in learning or concentrating, ask for a screening, a positive result and getting filtered lenses will change your lives enormously for the better

Nigel Slater

Great presentation Juanetta Olivia best wishes in your efforts to get this condition nationally recognised in the professional driving industries. Nigel Slater Chairman of The Association of South Eastern Driving Instructors.

Elly Scott

Juanetta has many years of experience and genuinely cares for those she works with. Without her we would still be clueless as to why my son was struggling. He is now a happy boy with a much enhanced life. Highly recommended.


Hayley Lawman

Lovely lady who was very patient at screening my son who has adhd. Very good at her job. Would 100% recommend using her for your screening.

Rebecca Readman

Juanetta had been in communication for a while now, asI have a very anxious boy who has ASD, he attends mainstream and was doing ok, struggled trying to grasp reading struggled with writing things down (very asd traits and now we know very Irlen traits), He started to have major anxiety issues with the new school building behaviour within school, anxiety and school refusal. We believed it to be a change of building and it now being 2 storey, Well after the conversations we had with the screener and my son he finally agreed to testing, Not sure who was more surprised his dad, the screener or I !!!! He was made to feel welcome, loved the carved animals she showed him (which actually started a conversation about the fact the finer details were 'fuzzy'). She allowed him breaks, to walk around.  chat even a bit of banter (which is unheard of recently). After the assessment we discovered he does have serve Irlen and on reflection the bright light, white classrooms, white tables, white corridors white hall and the lighting may have been a huge factor in his change of behaviour and heightened anxiety. I We moved our other son who is doing much better but we will be having an assessment for him very soon . A very detailed report too. Thank you

Liz Burgess

I have just recieved my new irlens lenses and what a difference they are making already! I can't thank Juanetta enough for all the support for the excellent assessments and for all her support in getting my diagnosis.


For years my son has struggled with his eyes, having such severe pain he would rub his knuckles right into the socket to relieve it. Bothered by bright lights, miss counting objects at distance such as phone masts, always squinting and so many more things I just cant list all of them. Back and forth from hospitals and specialists never finding why his eyes where uncomfortable, his sight is medically fine. Then we spoke with Juanetta and everything made sense! Finally we found something that may make his life easier. We're very excited awaiting his special lenses and exploring a whole new world, and that never would of happened with out Juanetta and the road ahead! Thank you!


I was recommended Juanetta by a mother of a young autistic boy who attends the youth club I work at. He had experienced tremendous improvement in his behaviour since he had started wearing his Irlen lenses. My main issue centred on my sensitivity to light and the impact it was now having on my cognitive function and energy levels in certain environments. I had tried tinted lenses from another company before but with limited success; they made reading and watching screens somewhat easier but completely submerged me in a rose tinted world. The novelty of seeing life ‘rose-tinted’ soon wore off so they weren’t really suitable for wearing all day or driving!

For me, these lenses are a game changer and are truly life changing in so many ways that I am still noticing the advantages months later! To list just a few personal examples; I can read comfortably again for as long as I like and my reading speed and comprehension has dramatically increased. I can use and watch screens at length if I need to without suffering eyestrain and burn out. I can spend time in artificially lit environments like shops and supermarkets without feeling drained and spacey after a few minutes. My spatial, mood and general energy levels have also considerably increased. For me the list is most probably truly endless…

I have to thank Juanetta from the bottom of my heart as I wouldn’t be experiencing my life the way I am now if it wasn’t for the work done by her and her colleagues. She made what could have been a really uncomfortable process much smoother, easier and really enjoyable and insightful at times! From my experience she is a wonderful screener; she is a genuine, friendly and efficient guide through a process that for some, is just the first step to something truly life changing!


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