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My name is Juanetta Edwards I am a Senior Irlen ® Screener with vast experience (24 years) of Irlen Syndrome ® (DBS checked). I was trained by Don Riley in Maidstone in 1999. The Irlen Centre at the time was based there.

He trained  at the Irlen Institute in the USA. My first update was with him, and most recently my certification was updated with my associated visiting diagnostician- Jean Felton . I update every five years.


Certification can be viewed.

All active screeners are required to update their training every five years by the Irlen Institute to continue screening. I am now all set up until 2027




I live in Folkestone, Kent UK and work around the county.  

I am passionate about raising awareness of Irlen syndrome ®  in the UK and worldwide using social media and a support group. I have screened hundreds of children and adults, helping them to finally see the world comfortably.


I myself suffer from Irlen syndrome  but thankfully, not as severely as many of the people I screen. I found that it impacted my driving the most. I am Impressed by the difference that they make to my comfort and depth perception. My first joy was seeing the depth of the clouds which I have always found pleasure in looking at. There are many life enhancements.

My mantra is confidentiality, professionalism and service. 

My aim is to raise awareness throughout the education and transport industry. 

Irlen screening ®  is the first stage of the Irlen process. Screening establishes the colour need of an overlay, advises on environmental changes needed and supplies an Irlen screening report. It is a vital step towards the pieces of the puzzle that is Irlen syndrome and all of the difficulties it causes to everyday life!

Please contact me for information and scale of charges.


For further information on Irlen Syndrome ® go to

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