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A New Life for a Family

Dear Juanetta and Jean,


My boy Thomas was loving and kind
but I could never tell what was on his mind
for six years I tried to get through
but never got more than a glimpse or two
Of the boy I knew he was

Those lovely blue eyes wouldn't look
at me, or the sky, or a book
Words came out muddled, if at all
I couldn't break down the wall
to reach the boy I knew he was

I was lost in worry and despair
Did he even know I was there?
I just wanted to help him
Support him, protect him
Find the boy I knew he was

Then along came Juanetta and Jean
its Irlen Syndrome! They sounded so keen
I was not sure; I felt wary
Could you really actually help me?
Help the boy I knew he was

The lenses arrived, we waited
to see his reaction, breath bated
'That's better' he said with a smile
 with a confidence not seen in a long while
Thomas have I found you at last?

I can do buttons Mummy' he cried
He never could before no matter how hard he tried
'I have the magic' he sung
As on every success I hung
Seeing more of the boy I know

Days of successes turned to weeks
the tears running down my cheeks
He can read, he can dress
Gone are the days of distress
Thomas is here! The boy I know!

His speech is not there yet
Maybe that's something we won't get
Then clear as day 'I love you' comes out
He's not sure what all the fuss is about
As I cry joyously for the boy I know

His imagination is on fire
He's become a completely live wire
bursting with ideas to have fun
No longer hindered by the sun
Wow! He's amazing, this boy I know

One year on and still
The miracles appear at will
He's passed his math's test
His handwriting is the best
He so enjoys being the boy I know

Juanetta and Jean I can never repay you
For what you have done and still do
We owe you so much
I wrote this poem as such
To thank you for giving me my boy

Elloise Scott

Mother and Son


Peter told his Mum what he thought about his new filters.

“Lights or the sun don’t look so bright, “I love my glasses they are cool dude”. They are the best thing ever.

The world is different, but a good different. My teacher says that my handwriting has improved. That looks the same, the same now as the world. It all moved too much and the light was too bright. Things moved on paper and now it’s the same. Just the same mum don’t you get it”. 


So difficult to express and explain but Peter now reads sometimes for pleasure which is a great start. Everything that was far too bright and overwhelming for him is now calm and still.


***It was a pleasure to screen Peter and to be part of the process with the arrangement of further testing with the diagnostician ***




Before my glasses I used I get headaches I couldn’t read black on white the words would jump and move around. I couldn’t stand the sun or even bright days I would wear sunglasses all the time even in winter.  I thought all this was normal as I lived with it for so long. Then I got my Irlen lenses test I couldn’t believe just some colour in a lens could change my life. So much when we finally got to the right colour choice and I went outside to test them I cried. For the first time I could see shapes of buildings, I could look at a tree without squinting. When I looked at black on white paper it didn’t jump or move around it stood still. I never had this before Jean and Juanetta made this all possible, The day the glasses came my world changed.

I wore them at work the lights didn’t give me headaches, they disappeared straight away.  The computer was easier to read, the keys didn’t jump around

They have helped me at work by helping me read paperwork without headache, can concentrate a whole lot better in courses and on computer. I am a lot calmer I feel and world around me is. Doctors have commented on my change as well as my manager. Lights and work don't bother me anymore or move or give me a headache. They even googled it.

The lights on the train station were very bright before I had my glasses but now I can look at them and I am able to see around me rather than it being fussy, also the lights on the high-speed train don't give me a headache. Buildings and cars look more defined now.


 “Putting my filters on made me cry because everything was so clear”. 

Housebound with debilitating migraine.

Keiara described her world as a bombardment she now gestures that the world

is there and she is here. Following the diagnosis of Irlen syndrome she now

terms herself as "an outdoor girl”. Her world has completely changed and her

quality of life is so much better. I visited  the following day after she received 

her Irlen filters, despite her other mobility issues she could now navigate

her surroundings much more quickly and safely, newly aware of her proximity.

Often the blinding light and migraine would render her unable to tolerate light

at all.


This caused her not only to be house-bound, but bed-bound at times.

The fortnight prior to getting her filters was spent with the curtains closed

(as were many days leading into weeks).she reported that the next day she

pulled open the curtains saying “morning world” as she did so. 
Keiara said that her curtains were now open all of the time. 

Keiara's world now includes driving her car, 
going on outings on her mobility scooter, walking the dog, reading, watching TV.and crafts.  She feels so much better. 
My client says “They go on the first thing in the morning and  come off last thing at night. 
I only take them off to shower.”  She often  says: I really love them so much. 
I hope you know what an amazing thing  you've done for me!

Update Keiara is now on her second modified tint, She says that her balance is even better with this pair.

*** I am so grateful that I was in the right place at the right time for this lady and was able to identify her symptoms as almost definitely Irlen Syndrome. . 

Lily's in class now!

“Just thought I'd let you know Lily came out of school with the biggest smile on her face because for the first time ever she is now in the main class instead of having to go to the unit!!!

I think half the problem has been that her abilities couldn't be stretched to full potential and she was frustrated.  Every year she hoped  she will be in the main class but we were prepared for her to go into the unit again id been giving her pep talks about how it didn't matter and it was really a good thing to try and avoid upset

She has hated being apart from her friends I’ve always made sure they come round for dinner and sleepovers but no kid wants to be different. Lily had moved  up five reading levels in less than a month back at school”.

Mum says  In my experience it's not just about education yes my daughter has greatly improved with all aspects of schooling but the most impressive difference her irlen lenses make are to how she feels, how she behaves, how she can now walk in a straight line, she is calmer, her eyes aren't constantly sore, her head doesn't hurt so much. People think it's just about reading but it really is so much more

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